BETTER RHETOR is dedicated to creating better opportunities for success after high school for all students, regardless of income or background. Our College-Ready Writing Module addresses one of the primary obstacles to success for nearly 3/4 of entering college students: they are unprepared for the demands of college-level writing.

Our long-term goal is to provide college-prep instruction and readiness assessment in both ELA and STEM—and to do so for as many students as we can in the most efficient and effective way possible. We intend to build a web-based platform for use in high school and college classrooms, that will deliver our instruction modules and generate authentic college-readiness assessment information. We’re aimed at disrupting the existing unfair and outmoded college admissions paradigm, which as been dominated for nearly 60 years by two tests (ACT & SAT) that provide no educational or predictive value. 

We believe that every student who wants to pursue a college education should have access to instruction and assessment aimed directly at helping them succeed.