A Groundbreaking Five-Week Classroom Resource for Bridging the Gap Between Pre-College and College-Level Writing


of students entering college lack the writing skills they need for success.

The Causes

1) Not enough authentic composition experience prior to college; and
2) Pre-college writing instruction not aligned with college-level expectations.

College-Ready Writing Essentials

is designed to directly address both of these issues.


is a five-week teacher-facilitated resource that guides students through the composition of a research-supported persuasive essay. Designed with the challenges of classroom composition instruction in mind, CRWE provides the kind of writing experience that will best equip students for college success, aligning task and instruction with college-level practices and concepts.


We did something that hasn’t been done before: we took the extensive research on college-ready writing—including frameworks for success, best instructional practices, and composition theory—and translated it into a focused, easy-to-implement resource for pre-college and early-college classrooms and programs. We designed CRWE on deeply researched, evidence-centered principles, so that schools and instructors can have confidence that their students are acquiring the competencies most needed for college-level writing success.


High School Classrooms • Dual Credit Programs • Summer Workshops • Developmental Ed Programs • Corequisite Coursework • Supplemental Education • College Composition/English/Rhetoric • Any Writing-Intensive Course 


The majority of students do not get enough experience with authentic composition prior to entering college. Research points to two primary obstacles: 1) Teachers feel inadequately prepared to teach composition; and 2) Overcrowded classrooms make it impractical for teachers to assign extended writing projects that demand  time-intensive responses.

CRWE‘s innovative design supports instructors and eases the workload that comes with teaching composition. It targets the right skills and concepts and teaches them in a way that mitigates existing instructional challenges.


CRWE is an equity-minded resource that reflects BetterRhetor’s commitment to helping all students who want a college education succeed in their efforts, regardless of income or background. Our aim is to better prepare more students for college-level writing, reduce the need for remediation, help increase completion rates, and ultimately better equip more people for success in their educational pursuits, in their careers, and in their personal and civic lives.


Visit our Canvas demo page for an in-depth look and learn much more at CRWE is available for any classroom or LMS. PDF and individual student versions are also offered. To discuss opportunities for your students, please contact us here.

BetterRhetor’s CRWE White Paper presents our analysis of the college-ready writing gap and describes our design strategy for CRWE, including its research and theoretical foundations and pedagogical approach.

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