WholeStudent™ Solution


The majority of high school graduates in the U.S. are not prepared to succeed in college. Most students entering college require remediation in core subjects, and nearly half do not graduate within six years. For socioeconomically disadvantaged students, college access and success are even more difficult.

Clearly, the existing college preparation and admissions paradigm is not working.


BetterRhetor is addressing these problems by creating a new approach to preparing students for college and connecting them to colleges that believe in their success.

WholeStudent™ will provide:

High School Instruction focused on effective college preparation

  • Six-week web-based instruction and assessment modules, one in ELA and one in STEAM.
  • Designed to complement and slot into existing high school curricula.
  • Ease of implementation is a priority.
  • Centered on extended project-based learning.
  • Focused directly on teaching the skills and knowledge that will be expected of students upon entry into college, such as critical thinking and self-evaluation skills.
  • Classroom teachers guide instruction and are central to assessment.
  • The modules value and leverage students’ social and cultural backgrounds.
  • Students from around the country form virtual communities of practice aimed at socialization into college-level expectations for work, discourse, and behaviors.

Authentic Assessment

  • Seamlessly integrated into instruction: no test that doesn’t teach.
  • Multiple modes of evaluation ensure reliability and validity.
  • College-ready social, cognitive, and personal competencies taught and assessed.
  • On-going actionable feedback for both teachers and students.
  • Equity-minded: no test-prep advantages, no cost barriers.
  • Assesses both student products and processes.
  • Provides measures of progress and promise, as well as achievement.

WholeStudent™ Profiles

  • Authentic college-reportable academic performance data.
  • Student interest, demographic, and behavioral information.
  • A rich portrait of students’ abilities, background, ambitions, and promise.

WholeStudent™ Platform to connect kids to colleges and colleges to kids

  • Advanced analytics help colleges identify best-fit recruits with precision and efficiency.
  • BR technology gives colleges access to students and students access to colleges that believe in them.

Our objective is to help give all students greater opportunities for success after high school, regardless of their income or background.

If we’re going to close the College Readiness Gap, high school students need to know what will be expected of them in college. They need opportunities to practice and demonstrate the full range of their abilities by doing authentic, relevant intellectual work. They need socialization into authentic academic communities. And they need to know how to take responsibility for their own learning and performances.

Students also need to know which schools might be good matches for them — that is, which schools believe in their potential for success.

So, WholeStudent™ provides colleges and universities with an in-depth look at students’ social, cognitive, and personal competencies, as well as their interests, background, school performance, and other information. Our WholeStudent™ Profiles provide a rich, accurate, insightful look at who students are and what they’re capable of. Colleges can use BR’s analytics and technology to identify their best-fit recruits with precision and efficiency, then directly reach out to them to build lasting relationships.

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