Because we believe that finding solutions in education entails thinking and communicating BETTER with one another, encouraging the collaborative problem-solving abilities of a community of passionate RHETORS, who are prepared and eager to reason, speak, argue, decide, and do. That’s the kind of community we want to be part of.


BetterRhetor is owned and operated by Rebecca (Co-Founder & CEO) and William Bryant, PhD (Co-Founder & President) out of Prescott, Arizona. We live there with our 2 y.o. son Walker, where we ponder the future of his own education (see Bill’s Substack newsletter, raise) and miss our adult children, Caitlin (Portland, Oregon), Calvin (Copenhagen, Denmark), and bonus amazing Romanian daughter-in-law (Iulia).

Before moving to Arizona, we spent two decades in Iowa City, IA, where ACT Inc. is headquartered and Bill worked in test development, lastly as Director of Writing Assessments. You can read about his journey from there to here in his introductory blog post Everything else worth sharing about him is at www.william-bryant.com, including his LinkedIn profile and Getting Smart articles, where he is a contributing columnist.

Our social media shares a lot more about our family and life in Arizona (links below—includes some gorgeous scenery & our favorite cacti!). In a nutshell, we love what we do, are passionate about educational equity, and are hopeful about improving the future for students, families, and humanity in general. 


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