Because we believe that finding solutions in education entails thinking and communicating BETTER with one another, encouraging the collaborative problem-solving abilities of a community of passionate RHETORS, who are prepared and eager to reason, speak, argue, decide, and do. That’s the kind of community we want to be part of.


BetterRhetor is proudly based in Prescott, Arizona.


I am Founder and CEO of BetterRhetor, and a contributing columnist at Getting Smart. Before launching my own company, I worked in test development at ACT Inc. for nearly ten years. In my final years there, I was Director of Writing Assessments. You can read about my journey from there to here in my introductory blog post. My LinkedIn profile details more of my experience and qualifications. Learn everything else about me worth sharing at www.william-bryant.com.

I am Operations Manager and Creative Director here at BetterRhetor. In addition to managing day-to-day operations, I oversee our company’s websites, online course platforms, and social media, as well as contributing to product development and marketing strategy. Previously, I ran my own freelance graphic design business in the Washington DC metro area for twenty-plus years after graduating from James Madison University. During the last decade, I have performed a fair amount of work in volunteer/caregiving circles (see my LinkedIn profile). I also write, sometimes (www.tenpercentpanda.com). I’m married to William and likewise passionate about educational equity. We have two adult children living in Portland, Oregon, a baby boy soon to be with us—and some serious motivation to improve the future for students, families, and humanity in general.

Entering college, I was a first-generation college student coming from Romania. Due to my public school background in a formerly communist country, there were many challenges that I faced in my years of college that I didn’t even recognize until later. After graduating from Grinnell College, my work has focused on supporting students from diverse backgrounds in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore (see my LinkedIn profile). I most recently served as a Dean’s Fellow and Intercultural Engagement Associate at Yale-NUS College in Singapore and currently am a Master’s candidate in Anthropology of Education and Globalization and a Graduate Research Assistant at Aarhus University in Denmark. I’m excited about BetterRhetor’s mission to better prepare students from disadvantaged backgrounds for the rigors of academic life in college. My role is to connect BetterRhetor to student perspectives and advise them on the experiences and challenges encountered by students first navigating college life. I am particularly interested in helping diverse and first-generation college students.

I’m a psychology student at Yale-NUS college, and strongly believe in the importance of advancing accessible education, particularly in developing nations like my home country, India. I like to think about health, productivity, philosophy, and technology, and how they can help us live better lives.

I’ve worked for many years as a business consultant and executive advisor, helping a variety of organizations design business, data, and technology strategies that boost innovation, enhance product capabilities and user experience, and increase market growth (see my LinkedIn profile). I serve on the Advisory Board of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Seattle University. My PhD, from Virginia Tech University, is in Human Development, Organizational Behavior. As a corporate leader and executive advisor, and in my numerous roles within academia, I recognize the need to improve students’ college readiness and strengthen their ability to contribute applicable skills to our global marketplace. That is why I’m pleased to support and advise BetterRhetor as they develop an innovative solution that will fundamentally change the way students select and prepare themselves for a more rewarding college experience—and propel them to a future of unlimited possibilities.

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